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Med-Stop System

How do I sign in to the Med-Stop?

You can locate the Sign In link on every web page. Selecting a link will take you to the Med-Stop login screen. The username and password are case sensitive and must meet the complexity requirements.

Will my access be blocked after several failed sign-in attempts?

For security reasons the number of invalid sign in retries (when your username and/or password are wrong) is limited to 5 attempts. The station will be locked for 30 minutes after the fifth incorrect login.

Is Med-Stop providing me with any Reports?

To help you monitor your Med-Stop information and your company status our system offers a wide range of reports, accessible via the Reports button from the Main Menu. You can choose reports from different categories. You can also customize your reports to access exactly the information you need, and subtotal and limit your data to get a concise picture of what's happening in your company.

Can I manage my Employee Tests using Med-Stop?

One of the main features of Med-Stop is the test record management. The history of the test, test details and forms are stored in electronic format for fast and reliable access. The whole process of testing, starting from the employee test request to the employee being testing in the Med-Stop testing location, and finishing with the test results - including the drug tests MRO certified result, being monitored and recorded in our system.

What is Med-Stop Test Request?

The Test Request in the Med-Stop system has two roles: to schedule the employee test in a specific date, time, and location, for DOT regulated companies to fulfill the regulations - Part 382: Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing - Requirement for notice.

Med-Stop Credit definition

Med-Stop system allows your company to pre-pay your employee tests. Use your company credit card or enter company check online to increase the amount of credit available for testing. When an employee is authorized to use a company credit (during the test) in one of the Med-Stop locations, the service fee will be deducted from company credit.

Does Med-Stop help with the need to report drug and alcohol results to FMCSA every year?

Motor carriers submit MIS drug and alcohol reports to FMCSA upon FMCSA request. Every motor carrier shall prepare and maintain their previous year"s drug and alcohol MIS report. Using Med-Stop you have the secure and quick access to all your drug and alcohol reporting data.

What if the Random Test is done on the year's end and reviewed after January 1st?

The test will count towards the MIS results for the year during which the specimen was collected, and not when the test was verified.

Do I as an employer have to join the consortium for random testing?

If your company has more than one CDL driver/employee subject to DOT drug and alcohol testing, you may manage your random testing program using Med-Stop. Companies with only one CDL driver who are not leased to another motor carrier, are required to place the driver in a consortium for random testing purposes.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Why do I need the Urine Drug Test?

A urine drug screen is designed to detect illegal drugs in the urine. For DOT regulated Industry, Med-Stop will perform drug testing in accordance with the specific regulations.

What is the Breath Alcohol Tests?

A breath alcohol test is a breath test administered for the purpose of determining the presence or absence of alcohol or its metabolites in a person's bodily tissue, fluids, or products. For DOT regulated Industry, Med-Stop will perform alcohol testing in accordance with the specific regulations.

What drugs are tested in the DOT Drug Test?

Five drugs and drug metabolites are tested for in the DOT drug test: Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates and Phencyclidine (PCP).

How long does it take to get an MRO reviewed test result with Med-Stop?

Results are generally reported to the MRO and then the client within 12 hours after the lab received the specimen.

Can be a positive drug test re-validated by another test?

No. Violating the DOT drug and alcohol prohibitions must be verified by the Return-to-Duty process. DOT regulations do not differentiate between one-time and reoccurring substance abuse problems.

Does Med-Stop provide Custody and Control Forms for specific Employers?

We provide CCFs that are coded for a specific company. However, we do not print medical facility or collection site information on CCFs.

Medical Examinations

Are any Medical Examination Reports in Med-Stop?

The reports presenting the Medical Examination statistics for the employees of your company: Medical Examinations - By Examination Date, Medical Examination Results - By Employee Last Name, Medical Examinations - By Expiration Date.

Is Med-Stop in compliance with current Medical Examination regulations?

Starting January 30, 2012, and no later than January 30, 2014, all CDL holders must provide information to their SDLA regarding the type of commercial motor vehicle operation they drive in or expect to drive in with their CDL. Drivers operating in certain types of commerce will be required to submit a current medical examiner"s certificate to their SDLA to obtain a "certified" medical status as part of their driving record. CDL holders required to have a "certified" medical status who fail to provide and keep up-to-date their medical examiner"s certificate with their SDLA will become "not-certified" and they may lose their CDL.

What is the purpose of the Medical Examination

The purpose of the medical examination is to determine a driver's physical qualification to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) in interstate commerce according to the requirements in 49 CFR 391.41-49. Therefore, the medical examiner must be knowledgeable of these requirements and guidelines developed by the FMCSA to assist the medical examiner in making the qualification determination. The medical examiner should be familiar with the driver's responsibilities and work environment and is referred to the section on the form, The Driver's Role.

Why does the medical examiner ask me about my medication use?

In addition to reviewing the Health History section with the driver and conducting the physical examination, the medical examiner should discuss common prescriptions and over-the-counter medications relative to the side effects and hazards of these medications while driving. Educate the driver to read warning labels on all medications. History of certain conditions may be cause for rejection, particularly if required by regulation, or may indicate the need for additional laboratory tests or more stringent examination perhaps by a medical specialist. These decisions are usually made by the medical examiner in light of the driver's job responsibilities, work schedule and potential for the conditions to render the driver unsafe.

Should all medical conditions be recorded?

Medical conditions should be recorded even if they are not causing for denial, and they should be discussed with the driver to encourage appropriate remedial care. This advice is especially needed when a condition if neglected, could develop into a serious illness that could affect driving.

When can the Medical Certificate be issued and for how long?

If the medical examiner determines that the driver is fit to drive and is also able to perform non-driving responsibilities as may be required, the medical examiner signs the medical certificate which the driver must carry with his/her license. The certificate must be dated. Under current regulations, the certificate is valid for two years, unless the driver has a medical condition that does not prohibit driving but does require more frequent monitoring. In such situations, the medical certificate should be issued for a shorter length of time. The physical examination should be done carefully and at least as complete as is indicated by the attached form. Contact the FMCSA at (202) 366-4001 for further information (a vision exemption, qualifying drivers under 49 CFR 391.64, etc.).

Random Selection

What is the Med-Stop Random Selection service

Med-Stop gives your company the possibility to use the free Random Selection service. This service is fully integrated into Med-Stop for Employers. Once implemented, it will perform all required functions automatically and will provide accurate selections according to regulations. No more duplicate list of employees, no more manual random pool maintenance or faxing of new employee records to TPA or Consortium. Med-Stop will automatically control your average number of random pool members, show current and expected percentage of compliance, and provide full reporting capability to your auditors.

What is the Random testing?

Random testing is the scientific method of selecting an individual(s) for substance abuse and alcohol testing based on matching the individual's identification number (such as social security number or payroll number) to a random number generator or table. DOT Employers who meet the requirements of CFR 49 Part 382 and any other non-DOT employer that seeks to promote a drug-free work environment can implement the random testing selection procedure. Because random tests are unannounced and typically spread throughout the calendar year, they help to establish and maintain a safe, drug and alcohol-free work environment.

Are the Random Pool status and history recorded?

The information about every action related to the pool is audited, you can access this screen by opening the Pool details window - select Status from the top window menu.

How do I start Med-Stop Random Selection service?

You can start using the Med-Stop Random Selection service when you register your company over the Med-Stop web site. When performing the step by step registration select that your company wants to use the specific Random Selection Services.

Will my company Med-Stop Random Pools be auto maintained?

In the moment of starting your random service and on every year start, the DOT pools are created. The pool selection target percentage is determined by the DOT regulations. For a non-DOT regulated company, you have to create your own pools and set the target percentage as required by your company.

How to change Med-Stop Random Selection status?

In some special cases, the selection cannot be completed, it is important to specify why the selection could not be closed. To change the open random selection status, open the Selection details window and click the Change status button in the navigation area of the window. This will open the Random Selection Status window. Select the final status of the random selection and provide additional remarks. Press Determine Final status to update the selection.

How to exclude the employee from the Random Selection?

Open the Employee details window and select the Random menu item, Specify from what type of pool the employee should be excluded - drug or alcohol testing, specify the reason for employee exclusion.

How do I know when to send my drivers for Random testing?

Using Med-Stop, you will get alerts identifying the individuals to be tested when signing in to Med-Stop for Employers, the testing they are to complete and the testing date. You as a Designated Employer Representative or Safety officer are not required to send the Employee for the test on the exact date, you should try to schedule the test as close to the assigned date as possible, in the same selection period.

Can Employees be randomly selected multiple times during the same year?

Yes. An employee can be randomly selected multiple times during a calendar year. Employees have an equal chance of being selected in each selection period, regardless of prior selections.

Can I notify the Employee about the Random Test couple of days in advance?

No. You are not to provide any advanced notification of a Random selection. The key to Random testing is that the tests are unannounced.

Driver Employment File

What is Med-Stop Employee record?

The employee is any person hired by an employer to do a specific job. The applicant receives the status of an employee after a thorough process of interviews with several departments within a company. If the individual is determined to be a satisfactory fit for the position, he is given an official offer of employment within that company for a defined starting salary and position. This individual then has all the rights and privileges of an employee, which may include medical benefits and vacation days.

Who is the DOT Regulated Employee?

Anyone designated in DOT regulations as a safety-sensitive employee is subject to DOT drug and alcohol testing. Commercial Drivers License(CDL) holders who operate Commercial Motor Vehicles, 26,000 lbs. or greater, or operate a vehicle that carries 15 passengers or more, are required to display a DOT placard in the transportation of hazardous material.

Is the Employment status visible in Med-Stop?

Employee employment status window allows you to maintain and review employee status in your company. It is very important to keep the employee information up to date.

Does Med-Stop record Employee History?

All activities related to the employee are listed in his/her history list. You can select the type of information you want to see.

Can I manage the Employee Documents with Med-Stop?

Med-Stop allows you to attach and retrieve the documents in the electronic format to/from the employee record.

How do I use Med-Stop for managing the Documents?

Med-Stop allows you to manage the documents stored in the computer system in an electronic format. The documents can be attached to a specific record of data, for example, the employee information, test information or accident record. Document allows you to create the new document in the Med-Stop system and attach it to the selected record.

Can I directly scan the document with Med-Stop?

The scanning of the documents is available only when using the Med-Stop Web Client - add-in software application that you can download and install on your computer.

Can I upload very large files?

Please remember that the document must be uploaded to the Med-Stop server over the internet connection and because of this it is very important to keep the size of the file as small as possible. There is enforced limit of the 10Mb per document.

Will the documents be validated by Med-Stop?

The Med-Stop document management system will try to automatically recognize the document type you uploaded and the proper record the document should be attached to. If this procedure cannot make the right choice you will be presented with the options to describe the document.

Consortiums and TPAs

Can I produce a statistical summary report for my Consortium/Third Party Administrator with Med-Stop?

Med-Stop for Consortiums gives you access to all required statistical reports that can be customized and printed at any time.

Does the FMCSA have authority to investigate consortium third party administrators and other service agents?

Yes. FMCSA has authority to investigate service agents" compliance with Parts 40 and 382 as required by Part 40. [40.331] Under the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, P.L. 112-141 (MAP-21), Congress expanded FMCSA"s civil penalty enforcement authority to include service agent violations of alcohol and drug testing requirements under 49 CFR.

Health Clinics and Test Sites

Can I manage my Test Site information in Med-Stop?

If you are authorized Med-Stop Location manager you will see Location Management menu item in the main menu. Please make sure all Location information is up to date. Verify Phone numbers and Faxes.

Will I receive my Test Site Financial Statements?

List of Financial Statements issued by Med-Stop can be found under Location Management menu in Med-Stop for Test Sites. You can enter specific Fax number and e-mail address designated to receive Med-Stop statements.

Will Med-Stop manage my Location Supplies?

If you entered into the agreement with Med-Stop to receive some test-related supplies - for example Drug Test cups, forms, please keep the supplies level information current to allow prompt delivery of required supplies. You can order specific supply by using the Location Supply Order.

How do I manage the Collectors, Physicians, Administrative users?

In the Med-Stop for Test Sites, select Users menu item from Location Management main menu to access the list of your Location collectors, physicians, administrative users. You are obligated to keep the list of your Location collectors, physicians, administrative users current. DeActivate any not active Users to revoke the right to access Med-Stop system.

Are there any specific Test Site Reports?

You have access to specific financial and production Reports for your Med-Stop Partner Location.

Do you need more information?

If you need our assistance, or want to know more about Med-Stop, please use our Support contact form, send e-mail to or call at 1-(877) 633-3633

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