Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Tests / Test Documents and Forms

Test Forms

The forms related to the specific test are listed in the Test Forms list. This is a list of Med-Stop system generated forms and reports related to the test. Clicking on the list will open a new window and the test document will be generated.

Test Scanned Documents

During the testing process in a Med-Stop location all required forms are scanned and attached to the test record. To retrieve them - click on the document information to open the document.

You can also attach any other test related document here. Press the New button to start the Document.

Medical Examination Report - Long Form 

Medical Examination Report contains the employee's Protected Health Information and has to be intentionally released to the Employer by the Examinee. As the proof of the authorization, there has to be a signed and scanned Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form attached to the selected Medical Examination record. 

If it's not there, the Medical EXamination report is not visible by the Employer. The Employee can release this information during the Medical Examination performed in Med-Stop location or later, contacting the physician who performed the examination. 

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