Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Compliance / Compliance rules setup

Compliance rules

Med-Stop allows you to set up employee compliance rules to meet the specific requirements of your company and for DOT-regulated employers and meet all DOT specified requirements.

We have predefined a number of rules that you can activate or de-activate according to your company needs. Every rule performs specific information check and alerts you in case of out of compliance situations.

You can easily see which employees are out of compliance and take actions to correct the problems.

DOT Compliance rules

Our system makes your company compliance with DOT regulations an easy task. Specific setup of compliance rules for the DOT companies makes sure your driver qualification files are up to date and meet the regulations. Constant monitoring of drug and alcohol programs gives you the confidence you will pass every DOT audit.

The FMCSA outlines general requirements for driver qualification files in 49 CFR Part 391.51. Requirements include maintenance of a driver qualification file for each driver employed that includes the employment application, employment history verification, road test certificate, annual driver record inquiry, annual driver record review, list or certificate relating to motor vehicle violations, medical examiner's certificate, and a waiver of physical disqualification if issued.

Compliance Rules setup

To set up your company compliance Rules check and select the Company submenu from the main menu. Then select the Compliance Setup option - you will get the Company Compliance Rules Setup screen.

To activate the rule, select the rule record by clicking on the gray row selection box on the left side of each record, then press the Activate button. To de-activate, select Active Rule and press DeActivate.

You can customize every rule to be applied to the specific group of your company employees. Click on the list to the rule details. You can format rules to apply to employees with specific employment status', DOT or non-DOT regulated as well as the employee category and regulatory agency.

If your company has the specific needs that are not included in Med-Stop compliance rules definitions, please contact us and we will set up the rule for you.

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