Last Updated: 03/13/2019

Company Setup / System settings and options

Company Setup options

You can customize the Med-Stop options to meet your company internal procedures and needs.

The following options can be set at present time:

Automatically Close Test Requests

By default when you create the Test Request and the employee completes the test in one of the Med-Stop testing locations, the test is entered into the Med-Stop system and the Test Request is automatically closed. If for some reason you wish to have full control over the Test Request status - for example you want to review the test results first - you can set this option to NO and the Test Request will have to be closed manually.

Automatically Close Random Selection

The random test performed in one of the Med-Stop testing locations, entered into the Med-Stop system closes selected Test Request and associated Random Selection by default. If you want to review and close the Random Selection by hand - set this option to NO.

Assign New Employees To Your Company During Testing

If an employee / applicant not on your company list is tested in one of the Med-Stop locations and the employee specifies your company as his/her employer by default he/she will be appended to your applicant list with a specially marked status NEW. if your company does not want this to be possible set this option to NO. It will mean that any employee reporting for testing in a Med-Stop location will have to be on your company list before the test is performed.

Company With Branches

The Med-Stop allows you to setup your company as a company with Branches (Terminals). In this case the company has it's one main location and branches the employees and company contacts can be assigned to. For more information see the Branch Management topic of the Help system.

Employee Options

Med-Stop allows you to setup up to five custom information fields on the Employee Status page. For example you can store additional information about an employee emergency contact.

The custom field setup consists of two setup options:

Employee Custom Field Description Info

Short label describing the field content

Employee Custom Field Format Info

The format of the field - what type of the information will be stored in each field

We will add additional setup options based on employers feedback and needs.

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